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EMERGE For Men is a revolutionary new way to enhance your hair and hide the embarrasing effects of male pattern baldness! Ideal for covering up thinning hair or light balding, apply EMERGE For Men for a thicker, fuller head of hair, instantly!
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EMERGE For Men bonds to your thinning hair and thickens it to appear as if unaffected. It's fully waterproof, yet washes out with shampoo and can be reapplied. It's what we call a "hair enhancer" - a safe and effective way to conceal thinning hair caused by male pattern baldness.
Unlike spray, sprinkle, or cream concealers that come off when brushing or touching your hair, EMERGE For Men stays on when you apply it. When used properly, EMERGE For Men will change the way you look -- increasing your confidence and leaving you with full, natural looking hair.  Learn more!
EMERGE For Men is not ingested, nor is it a "grow hair quick" scheme. EMERGE For men is simply applied to your affected area with the included brush by lightly stroking the hair and letting it dry naturally. If necessary, you can also brush or comb the affected area after application. As an added bonus, EMERGE For Men will also cover up any gray hair, so you'll look younger as well!

EMERGE For Men is simple and cost effective to order. You can order online by credit card or with PayPal. All online orders are processed upon receipt of order placement by our team.  Order now!

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